This site was created to monitor what’s happening in public and community media, technology and communications. It still serves a bit of that role but the bulk of the radio and media work has moved to RadioforGood.com. Please check it out.

This site now acts more as a personal blog and information catalyst. You’ll rarely, but sometimes find a blog entry from me¬†on the My¬†Thoughts page.

The Posts page is a¬†collection site for various RSS feeds from media and social groups I support. You’ll also find a Wall of Fame page which is a picture gallery of people I admire and there’s also a page called Private which is¬†a page¬†for¬†rants and half-baked ideas that my close friends and colleagues may enjoy but the¬†general public could take out of context and misconstrue. Therefore that page is locked out with a password which is provided to my closest people.

I have a lot of concerns for a great many things in our country and greater world . My career concerns have in the past centered around radio and media and I feel they are very much involved in the large issues of our times. From climate change, war, poverty, over-population, health care, the state of government, global relations and so many more problems that confront us it seems clear that good, open communication is and will be essential in solving any of them.

The purpose of this site is now to act as my sounding board and way to pass on interesting information as I find it. As far as my radio/media mission goes, my immediate focus is on thinking of new ways of reaching the under-served and poor communities via their local community media outlets.

It’s my hope and life’s goal to breakdown the barriers to the access of media. I want to help people effectively use media to solve problems and save lives.

Thanks for stopping by.



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