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After the Apocalypse: Trying to Describe Reality in Unreal Times

February 2 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

The Bookloft, Great Barrington, Massachusetts Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, I’ve seen several photos of chalkboards in front of bookstores, reading something along the lines of, “Dystopian Fiction Has Now Been Moved to Current Events.” It’s a good joke, and one that gets a lot of clicks and reposts on Facebook and Twitter. For a journalist, it also... Read more

A Mickey Mouse Reason to Support the TPP

February 2 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

If it weren’t for retroactive copyright extension, then 1928’s “Steamboat Willie”–and therefore Mickey Mouse–would unquestionably be in the public domain. David Leonhardt says the future of the free world depends on longer copyrights for Mickey Mouse. That’s not exactly what he said, but pretty damn close. Since you get thrown out of elite circles if you question the merits of the Trans-Pacific... Read more

If Trump Praised Other Historic African-American Figures Like He Did Frederick Douglass

February 2 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

On Wednesday, while touting the United States’ rich African-American history for the start of Black History Month, President Donald Trump praised abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass as “an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” Article source:

... Read more


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