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To Make Trump’s Economy Look Good, It Helps to Not Look Very Hard

October 6 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

Bret Stephens (New York Times, 9/29/17) asks Republicans, “why is your party in such obvious disarray” when the economy is doing so well? But is it doing so well? We know the New York Times has to lower its standards for conservative columnists; otherwise, they would never have any on their opinion pages. But they might have gone too far with... Read more

Two Charts on the Gun Crisis: One Hopeful, One Hopeless

October 6 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

Vox‘s German Lopez (10/2/17) came out with a listicle after the Las Vegas mass shooting: “Gun Violence in America, Explained in 17 Maps and Charts.” I found two of the graphics particularly interesting: one because it brought hope, and the other because it blew that hope away. Here’s the hopeful one, which originally appeared in Mother Jones (1/31/13): This chart shows that... Read more


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