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What Corporate Media Failed to Learn About Canadian Single-Payer

November 12 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

When it was announced that several journalists would travel with Sen. Bernie Sanders in October for a hospital tour of Canada to learn about its single-payer system, one question immediately sprang to mind:  What would corporate media do to smear universal healthcare this time? It is a sad reflection on the state of healthcare reporting in the United States that one... Read more

Puerto Ricans Fear Schools Will Be Privatized in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

November 12 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | News Feeds

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... Read more

Report: Rupert Murdoch Called AT&T’s CEO Twice About CNN Sale

November 12 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

CNN has come under the microscope of the Justice Department’s new antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, who warned that either CNN’s parent, Turner Broadcasting, or DirecTV would have to be sold before the federal government would allow a planned $85.4 billion merger between Time Warner and ATT. Stephenson has said he has no interest in selling CNN. Article source:

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"Perfectly legitimate": How right-wing media figures tried to play defense for Roy Moore

November 12 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

Wash. Post publishes report alleging Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore initiated sexual contact with multiple teenagers, including a then-14-year-old Wash. Post: Four women alleged that when Moore was in his 30s, he initiated sexual contact with them when they were teenagers. According to a report in The Washington Post, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore allegedly “pursued” four then-teenage girls, including... Read more


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