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Stop Using Pat Tillman

November 13 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | News Feeds

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People Destroy Keurig Coffee Makers After Company Pulls Ads From Sean Hannity Programs

November 13 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

At least five companies, including Keurig, have said they will no longer advertise their products on Hannity’s shows following the host’s coverage of Roy Moore. The Alabama GOP Senate candidate has been accused of sexual misconduct with several teens, including a 14-year-old girl, The Washington Post reported. Article source:

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From ‚ÄúTrumpism without Trump‚ÄĚ to just another ‚ÄúRepublican swamp thing‚ÄĚ: Breitbart loved Gillespie until he lost

November 13 | Posted by Rich Culbertson | Media Feeds

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters Breitbart before Gillespie’s defeat: Oct. 26. Breitbart: ‚ÄúCulture Warrior Ed Gillespie Emerges as Defender of Virginia Monuments.‚ÄĚ Virginia‚Äôs Confederate history is again at the center of the State‚Äôs electoral politics. Republican Gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie vowed to preserve monuments in a new ad for an election CNN is calling a ‚Äúculture war.‚ÄĚ [Breitbart, 10/26/17] Oct. 31. Breitbart: Gillespie‚Äôs campaign... Read more


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