I was born and raised in the S.F. bay area. I grew up in a very politically active family and witnessed the civil rights and Vietnam War protests as well as the birth of the counter-culture movement first hand. I was inspired to work in politics as a campaign official for the Democratic Party in numerous national and local campaigns during my school and early work years. I began working for a local small town newspaper before eventually moving on to radio. I have lived in central and northern California most of my life and now live in Humboldt County and work in Mendocino County which has made for a lot of driving and money spent on gas.

It is my mission to advocate for, and to be a facilitator of, open communication in the most effective forms available. I have a passion for compelling storytelling and honor working with creative, dedicated individuals focused on the greater good of the project.


Thank You.

(Special Thanks to Kandie Demarest to whom I owe my life to and to Belinda Rawlins to whom I owe my career to.)


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