~~Wall of Fame~~

  Just a few of the people that have influenced me over my life. Some I have met, Some I’ve just admired their deeds.

Kandie Demarest - The strongest woman I have ever known.
Robert F Kennedy - Fighter for justice and the rights of the poor.
Martin Luther King Jr. - While I was too young to fully appreciate his words live, his devotion to truth and non-violent protest are virtues I embrace and what our government should honor with even more praise then they do the victories in battle.
Muhammad Ali - Stood up for his beliefs.
President Jimmy Carter in Africa. Doing what he has always done, work for a better world. Name another President who's done so much for this country and the world since being out of office. I can't think of one.
Helen Thomas - The people's bulldog. She asked the tough questions.
Harvey Milk. First gay elected official in California. Civil Rights leader and the Mayor of Castro street.
Paul Wellstone - The conscience of a liberal.
RFK & Cesar Chavez - A real hero to migrants and workers everywhere but especially here in California.
Barbra Jordan - Congresswoman and Civil Rights leader.
Carl Sagan - Logical, Reasonable, Rationale -- Human.
Barbara Lee - The only one who stood up against both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and Patriot Act.
Dan Berrigan - Anti-war hero.
Gwen Ifill - Journalist, television newscaster and author. Managing editor and moderator for Washington Week.
Judy Shepard. Mother of Matthew Shepard who was beaten to death for being gay. She has been a great advocate for coming out youth in America and for motherhood in general.
Pete Townshend - The Poet Laurette of MY Generation
Harry Belafonte - Musician, actor, and social activist.
Jon Stewart - This country's court jester, when we could use him most.
Maya Lin - Architect. Creator of the Vietnam Memorial and the Civil Rights Memorial.
Ray Taliaferro - Talk radio’s consummate professional.
Edward R Murrow. The last great journalist who truly understood the role of the press in a democratic society and made it his life’s mission to fill that role with truth, honor and dignity.
Walter Cronkite. The last great Television journalist, not just an anchor. He told it as it was as best that he knew it to be. Which is really all we ever asked for in our news.
Eugene McCarthy. A rare, reasonable, sensible Politian. The first Democrat to stand up against LBJ and the war in Vietnam.
Bella Abzug - Lawyer, Congresswoman, social activist and a leader of the Women's Movement.
Mario Savio - One of the student leaders that set off the "free-speech movement".
Ben Bradlee. Editor and leader of the Washington Post. When it was a good paper.
Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee. Publisher and Editor of the Washington Post in its better days.
Gene Roddenberry. Creator of Star Trek. A creative mind that gave us a positive look at what could be our future, if only.
Tony LaRussa - Former Oakland A's Manager and animals rights hero.
Malala Yousafzai - The brave 14 yr old shot by the Taliban in Pakistan for pushing for education for all. She survived and continues the struggle.

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